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Brake Maintenance Tips

Do your brakes need servicing?

  • Noices - Squealing can indicate brake pads that have worn down to the indicators and a grinding sound can mean pads have worn down to their backings, which are coming in contact with rotors.

  • Warning lights - "Brake", "ABS" or "ANTILOCK" warning lights will briefly turn on when you firs start your vehicle. If they stay on or continue to flash, there may be a fault in the anti-lock braking system.

  • Pedal sensations - A pulsing pedal can indicate rotors that are out of round, while a low pedal can indicate the need to adjust rear brakes.

  • Performance - "Spongy" brakes can indicate air is entering the brake system. A vehicle that pulls to the side may indicate brakes are not balanced or there bay be a caliper problem.

  • Low brake fluids - Droping levels of brake fluid can indicate wearing disc brakes. The fluid fills the space left by the caliper pistons as tehy are required to move outward. Frequent top-ups can be a sign of a leak in the gydraulic system that should be addressed by a qualified technician. Only use the type of fluid recommended in your owner's manual (i.e. DOT 3 or DOT 4)


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