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Suspension and Wheel Alignment

If your vehicle is pulling from one side to another or if one or
more tires are showing signs of premature or uneven wear,
you may have an alignment problem. Regular checks can
insure proper alignment and avoid costly repairs. Be sure to
have it checked every six months or after you travel 10,000 km.

Recommended Maintenance

  • Inspect steering and suspension components - every year/24,000 km
  • Inspect tire inflation and condition - every month
  • Plus - check alignment whenever replacing tires

Maintenance Tips

You may require an alignment if:

  • You need to hold onto the steering wheel to drive straight ahead
  • You've just changed the tires
  • You've been involved in a collision
  • Steering or suspension parts such as the tie rods, control arms, bushings or idler arm have been changed
  • You've driven the first 3,000 km in a new car
  • Your front-wheel-drive car just had a trans-axial repair

Did you know?

Most alignment work will not require new parts, although steering and suspension compontents all need to be in good repair for it to be effective and all tires need to be the same size, style and be properly inflated.

While the rear suspension typically can't be adjusted on a rear-wheel drive vehicle, front-wheel drive models should always get four-wheel alignment service.


*Recomended service intervals have been developed by NAPA using new vehicle maintenance requirements and/or generally accepted industry standards for "severe service" driving. Always consult your owners' maual for specific recommendations.

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