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Shocks and struts help your tires stay in contact with the road
as you travel through bumps or dips - and that's more than a
matter of personal comfort. If a tire loses contact with the road,
you'll need more room to brake, and you'll have trouble turning.
Worn shocks and struts can also cause other components to wear out prematurely.

It's little surprise that shocks wear out. They move up and down
1,050 times every kilomenre - and that's on a smooth road!

Shocks and struts whould typically be replaced in pairs. Consider selecting premium designs to optimize the vehicle control, handling and to reduce braking distance.

If you cary a lot of cargo or tow a trailer, consider selecting specialty shocks that are designed to respond to different vehicle ride heights.

Recommended Maintenance

  • Inspect shock absorbers, struts and chassis parts annually
  • Replace if damaged

Maintenance Tips

Do your shocks & struts need service?

Here are some signs of trouble with your shots and struts:

  • Hopping wheels or nose-diving front end during sudden stops
  • Vehicle continues to rock after stopping
  • Excessinve "swerving" when you pass
  • Failed "bounce" tests - If you bounce your car up and down, it should stop bouncing as you step away from the vehicle. If it dosen't there's a problem.
  • Oil seeping from shock absorbers and struts
  • A floating sensation during turns
  • Premature tire wear, such as "cuping"

*Recomended service intervals have been developed by NAPA using new vehicle maintenance requirements and/or generally accepted industry standards for "severe service" driving. Always consult your owners' maual for specific recommendations.

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