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Cooling System Care

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Cooling System Care

Cooling System Care

Your vehicle's cooling system is responsible for controlling the
heat generated by buring fuel - and that's no small order.

The antifreeze/coolant that flows through these systems should be changed according to recommendations in your owner's manual. Older fluids may not be able to regulate temperatures and could allow components to corrode. They'll also degrade the hoses that deliver the fluid from your engine to your radiator.

Recommended Maintenance

  • Inspect coolant - every 12 months/24,000 km
  • Inspect hoses - every 3 months/6,000 km
  • Plus - top-up with 50/50 mix of coolant/antifreese and distilled water

Maintenance Tips

When changing the coolant, you should also replace these components at the same time:

  • The thermostat that regulates the flow of coolant from the engine to the radiator. This ensures that hot coolant goes to the radiator.
  • The spring-loaded pressure cap that retains the coolant and raises teh boiling point of the fluid. A cap that can withstand 15 psi will raise the coolant's operating range by 45°Fahrenheit. (The boiling poit rises 3° Fahrenheit for every 1 psi of extra pressure.)
  • The hoses should be replaced every four years, regardless of how they appear on the outside, since antifreeze/coolant chemicals break down hoses from the inside out. And if one hse has failed, chances are prett good that the other hoses have also weakened.
  • The radiator clamp and hose clamps that hold everthing in place.

Engine coolant can come in a variety of colours such as yellow, green, orange, blue, and red. While the colour doesn't affect the performance of the coolant, it will identify the formula that should be used with your engine or the period of time that it will last.

Did you know?

Cooling systems should never be topped up with pure anti-freeze or water - they reqire 50/50 solution. Pre-mixed solutions are widely available.

*Recomended service intervals have been developed by NAPA using new vehicle maintenance requirements and/or generally accepted industry standards for "severe service" driving. Always consult your owners' maual for specific recommendations.

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