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Brake Care

Few vehicle components can have a bigger impact on your
safety than your brakes and they should be inspected every
24,000km or 12 months because of it. Not only will this ensure
that brakes are there when you need them, but it will help spot
worn components before they lead to costlier repairs.

If your brakes are dragging, squealing, grinding, or pull your vehicle to one side or the other, or if the brake pedal seems low, come in for service right away!

Recommended Maintenance

  • Inspect brake system, including brake linings, parking brake, rotors and drums - every year/24,000km

Maintenance Tips

Do your brakes need servicing?

  • Noices - Squealing can indicate brake pads that have worn down to the indicators and a grinding sound can mean pads have worn down to their backings, which are coming in contact with rotors.

  • Warning lights - "Brake", "ABS" or "ANTILOCK" warning lights will briefly turn on when you firs start your vehicle. If they stay on or continue to flash, there may be a fault in the anti-lock braking system.

  • Pedal sensations - A pulsing pedal can indicate rotors that are out of round, while a low pedal can indicate the need to adjust rear brakes.

  • Performance - "Spongy" brakes can indicate air is entering the brake system. A vehicle that pulls to the side may indicate brakes are not balanced or there bay be a caliper problem.

  • Low brake fluids - Droping levels of brake fluid can indicate wearing disc brakes. The fluid fills the space left by the caliper pistons as tehy are required to move outward. Frequent top-ups can be a sign of a leak in the gydraulic system that should be addressed by a qualified technician. Only use the type of fluid recommended in your owner's manual (i.e. DOT 3 or DOT 4)

Did you know?

Most of today's vehicles are equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS) that use sensors to monitor the speed of a turning wheel. If the ABS determines the wheels are slowing too fast and are about to lock up, ABS will cycle the haudraulic brake pressure to create a pumping action where the brake pad contacts the rotor surface.

*Recomended service intervals have been developed by NAPA using new vehicle maintenance requirements and/or generally accepted industry standards for "severe service" driving. Always consult your owners' maual for specific recommendations.

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