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Belt & Hose Care

The tooth-lined strip of ribber known as the timing belt, which syncronizes the motion of valves and pistons, was introduced as a quieter and ligher alternative to a timing chain. But if it's allowed to break, you could be facing a disaster... and a costly repair.

At best, a broken timing belt can bring your engine to a sudden stop. At worst, it can cause pistons and valves to collide, bending the valves and breaking the pistons.

Be sure to replace this belt every 100,000 km. At the same time, change any related idlers, tensioners and pulleys to do a complete job. If you only change the belt, you could be ignoring the original cause of the
failure or wear.

While the replacement is labour-intensive work, it will still be less expensive than rebuilding your engine!

Recomended Maintenance

  • Inspect belts and hoses every 3 months/6,000 km
  • Replace every three to five years

Maintenance Tips

Belt Care

Accessory or serpentine belts transfer the power of your engine to a wide array of components. They turn the alternator that charges your battery, drive the water pump that circulates your coolant and spon the fan that draws air through your radiator.

In general, they should be replaced every three to five years - even if there are no visible signs of wear - while tensioners should be replaced at the same time. Belts that are too tight can damage bearings in the alternator and water pump, while stretched belts could fail to move components at the proper speed.

And never use a belt dressing to eliminate noise.

Hose Care

The hoses that deliver antifreeze/coolant from your engine to your radiator will degrade from the inside out over time, through a process know as electrochemical degredation. And it won't matter how many kilometers are on the odometer.

When it's time to replace your hoses, be sure to replace them all at once. If one hose has failed, chances are pretty good the others are not far off.

And be sure to change your hoses, radiator cap and hose clamps whenever you change antifreeze or a radiator.

*Recomended service intervals have been developed by NAPA using new vehicle maintenance requirements and/or generally accepted industry standards for "severe service" driving. Always consult your owners' maual for specific recommendations.

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