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Vehicle Care

A regular maintenance regemen is important to enhance the
performance of your vehicle, prevent breakdowns and protect
the value of your investment. It will also control levels of pollution and reduce the amount of fuel that you use.

Just like a dealership, we are legally authorized to meet your vehicle's maintenance obligations and when we use the appropriate parts and procedures, the vehicle manufacturer is obliged to honour its warranty obligations.

Maintenance Tips

Do I need Service?

Even if your vehicle seems to be running smoothly, unseen problems could lead to expensive repairs down the road.

A recent survey by a group known as the Care Care Council Found:

  • 38% of cars had low or dirty engine oil
  • 54% had low tire pressure
  • 28% had inadequate engine cooling
  • 19% needed new belts
  • 16% had dirty air filters
  • 10% had low or contaminated brake fluid

Your vehicle's owner's manual can be an excellent source of information about required service intervals - just keep in mind that most Canadian vehicles need to comply with "severe" services schedules.

A scheduled stop for maintenance will allow you to plan a day without your car. A breakdown will simply leave you stranded.

Did you know?

The average vehicle on the road today requires $800 in maintenance a year. Those five or more years old need an average of $1,000 in maintenance a year.

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